Types of Cleaners

There are many different types of window cleaning companies around the UK that can service your specific needs for example the general public would simply use a local domestic window cleaner to clean their windows however some companies have specific needs. Window Cleaner Finder now lets firms more accurately describe what services they can provide from high rise window cleaning to commercial or office block window cleaning.

We have now improved our search facility (top right in the red box) so you can now search for your city, postcode, type of service you require or company name. You can also see our UK wide high rise window cleaners, domestic and commercial window cleaners and office window cleaners by going to the top left of our website under the heading Window Cleaners.

Federation For Window Cleaners
We have an option for our window cleaners to let people know that they are a member of the Federation For Window Cleaners (FWC) which should help you find a trusted or recommended cleaner in your area. You can find out more information about the FWC by visiting www.f-w-c.co.uk.

Window Cleaner Finder
Now that we are asking our Window Cleaners for more information we can help you find what you need for example if you need a High-Rise Window Cleaner in London or an Office Window Cleaner in London we will be able to help you find it even if it is something simple like a Gutter Cleaner in York, use our search and you will be able to find them all.